Mini R/C cars!

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My Girlfriend is looking to get ME :) a few of them and I cant remember the name of the ones from jdm land...anyone remember the name/company of the ones im tlaking about...they have s2k's and lancers and skylines and stuff...

that would be the digi-q's. they run on infrared and are about $50+up. they also have 4-wheel limited-slip trannys.

i prefer the microsizers. they are sold at the target store here for $20 and they are upgradeable in terms of engines, tires and bodies. you can even buy clear bodies for them. they look cooler than the digi-q's too IMO, and they are prolly just as fast, though they dont run on infrared, which means less range, and they don't have proportional steering control like the digi-q's have.
microsizers are the USDM version of Bit Char-G... Bit Char-G's have 2 more frequencies though... is where i got mine from, prices arent bad and they have all the upgrades
Radio Shack also sells Zip Zaps, but their supply is low since of a port workers strike. A huge shipment is waiting on the coast but isn't going anywhere for a while.
Actually, i work at radioshack. the reason why there was a zip-zap shortage is because radioshack wasn't prepared for them to be so popular. therefore they were distributed while being made rather than being made ahead of time. but what do i care. radioshack sucks. they do to. don't buy stuff from radioshack. it's all crap. garbage. and if your a zip zap crazing customer that comes in and bitches at us cuz we don't have them, your lucky i don't just throw one at your forehead. radioshack customers suck too. fuck them all. bastards.

sorry. i don't get paid enough. i had to vent.
hmm i always thought radioshack sucked, but now i'm sure of it :)

if you can find them, get a nakamichi N racer. they kick ass in terms of raw power and run time. 9 minutes on a 90 second charge. they will peel out on tile floors and run on carpet too. they have two speeds, normal and turbo (theres a switch on the control). these things do mean 180's in reverse too and they're heavier than the other micro racers. just have to look inside the little windows to see that the circuitry in them is ALOT beefier than whats in a digi q or bit char-g. i got mine for $24.99 at sport chalet.
those kick ass...they outta start street racing them.