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I was wondering why the main page of this site talks abt cory thompson, but no where on the site do i find any info on him...
cory is a friend of mine from back home and i was hoping to actually have some stuff to read abt new times and mods to his car... but i see nothing ... just curious. <_<
I know B. has plans to add info about Cory on this site.
That would be sweet, corys car is bad ass, seen in person a few times... he actually did the b16 swap in my last crx... did a great job, not bad on the pockect either!
its a deal that kinda got held up cuz chet came home from school. (aka, from tampa back to CT)

basically, hes going to plaster hondaswap.com on his car, and we provide him with some webspace to get his name out-- PLus, a lot of the articles chet has written have been sourced from or through cory. We should have info for him when V3.0 is released this winter
yeah its been like that for a long time. I was wondering that too, but it just slipped my mind.