Motec M48

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Senior Member
I dunno if any of yall ever used the motec, but if yall have is it worth it? if not, which one do you think is better? I am looking at the aem unit, it looks pretty good but ive seen lots of dragsters use Motec.
motec is DAMN expensive, but DAMN good, believe the fastest processing out of all engine management systems. We have used it to tune one of our cars. it does take alot of time and patience to get things working. also u better have some good base maps to go from. there are alot of options (traction control for example) on it as well, i tend to think it is really overkill for most applications though. depends on what u wanna get out of the system

i would reccomend autotronic. it is a standalone similar to motec,, and the attempts at tuning, it seems to be alot easier than motec to dial in. hope that helps