motor at an angle.

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First off just like to say i have registered to the site awhile back just havent really posted much, been reading and a lot of good stuff here :thumbsup: . So i just finished up a gsr swap in my 93 ex, I used a manual tranny mount from i believe a d-series and i have noticed that my engine is a little higher on that side and i dont understand why. Do i need different studs or did i forget something as to why its lifted higher on that side ill post a pic later.
you should use the integra mount, not the civic mount.
No i didnt have to drill any holes and its still a good mount, no sag.

You can't use a mount from a d series to do a b series swap, didn't you notice mine and B's posts?
Found out why its an angle, my car use to be an auto and now i have a manual gsr in there and because it was an auto the mount on the chasis sits higher, so i have to purchase an aftermarket hasport or innovative which is made with the longer material needed.
Yeah so i ordered the mount and that should take care of the problem ill let you guys know, so maybe next time if someone else has the same problem and dont know about it.