Motor Mounts

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I have a 97 civic ex and I want to put a b18c1 into it but my motor mounts don't look that great. So I want to know do the mount kits come with 100% of the mounts I would need like the ones I would need off the civic si and the AC mount along with all my stock ones?

Also what are the different bands of motor mounts and what is the best material to use rubber or polyurethane?
HAsport,Place,HCP,Madavihai motorsports all make mounts.HAsport is the most reputable.HAsports kit and the rest of them come complete if they need to.For your swap,I think you just need the rear mount from a 99-00 si.The rest of the mounts the motor comes with or the ones i your car will work.
Ifyou dont want to pay ~500 for a mount kit. Get brand new OEM teg tranny and side engine mount and a 99-00 Si rear mount and be set. You need all b-series AC mount brackets and shit.. you can use the b18 brankets, if that is what you are asking.

Polyuethan is stiffer and keeps the motor from moving and last longer then OEM rubber, but brand new rubber will be good unless you go drive like a moron always trying to go from 0-100 in 2 seconds.