My Christmas Car Build Thread

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Christmas Car
Well... after asking a ton of questions, if it wasn't for the community I would not be driving my car right now. Just had to put that in before I start. I don't think people will be interested, but it's more for me to see how far I've come with what little I got.

It all started 2 years ago, just burnt my first Accord my parents gave to me. Going 190kph on the highway with no oil, buuuut everybody kills their first car I suppose.

Next, bought a gray civic with a swapped motor (now I realize it was a z6), but I needed a car and wasn't really into the scene. This car lasted 8 months till knock-knock boom! Downtime...then I bought my green machine!



My little 4 year old cousin asked if I was going to deliver presents in that, I asked why, and he said cause it looks like a Christmas car. Thus, the nickname was born. Stock everything, and shift-linkage bushing so old I could literally put it in first and push the shifter over to 5th just to play with people sitting with me lol. Funny story my dad just told me, he bought the car for $350 bucks and the lady said he had to tow it out. He went their with a battery and some small tools, and we drove the fucker home. The lady was FURIOUS and wanted the car back, my dad re-offered it for $900, but she declined. I wonder why:rolleyes:

Next, change all the pads/discs/rotors/all fluids and it's good to go. Then, shit hits the fan.

Summer time came around, and the car was having major meltdowns. I would drive on the highway, and no joke, i'd hit the gas in 5th and the car would die. I'm rolling at 120kph and trying to roll-start my civic. Not once, but ended up being daily. Got to a point where I didn't even want to sit in the thing. Then....idea struck. I found the thought of swaps and stuff, so I started researching. After I felt confident in my abilities, I started to look for a motor. I lucked out.

Found a D15B for $400 (He was selling the SI Tranny for $150, man I regret not picking it up) and lugged it back to my city. For those of you who wondered how I got it home...Best pic of my life so far:

That was a fun drive lol.

So I was ready, settled, but broke. That changed quickly. I had bought my gf of 3 years a engagement ring, but lo-and-behold bitches be bitches, and we broke up. Long story short she accused me of cheating which I hadn't, told me she did once while we were dating, and then I started to fuck around with as many women as I could get my hands on. 7 girls at the same time later, I said bye-bye.
GOOD NEWS: I now had the money for the swap.



Yea, so my mechanic is a family friend. The full swap cost be $300 bucks cash, and $20 for all the fluids. But...the car ran like shit.
Thread :

So, shit load of codes it was throwing. 7,10, 14 and 41 if I wasn't mistaken.
The fixes.
7,10 = Switched my TPS/MAP Plugs. Duh :D
41 = New O2 Sensor plus bad wiring on my part :(

14 was a troublesome little fucker. I cleaned the iacv out completely and the screen, but still no good. After talking with a buddy of mine, he told me simply to "get a new one" and I said fuck that i'll go to the junkyard. He said don't you have one on your old engine? DUHHHHHHHH
So I stole it off my old one before the people came to junk the engine. Lucky save :)

ROFL oh yea, so on the way home from the mechanics that day, my exhaust fell off. LOL yea, knew we forgot something. I didn't turn around, and drove it from header-open for about 2 weeks. Till I got this bad boy in:


Fav pic of the engine:

Added some clear corners too, and a quick video pull:

And the video. Not my fastest, I've done 0-100 in 7.2-3 with a friend (160lbs) in the car with a stopwatch. Pre-loading the clutch works wonders!

So it dyno'd at 141HP/119TQ with the sri/headers and 2.5" exhaust to that enormously large (and thank fucking god it came with a silencer) can at the end of it.
My whole goal is to hit boost for 200hp and stop there. I've been talking around and it looks like my original idea of a t25 won't cut it. Hmm...

Update 1: Got the new si tranny, stabilizer bar, and shift linkage out of a 180km car for $150 bucks! Also, found that both my control arms were shot after a visit to the mechanics, got both control arms and struts for $20 (LOL).

Grand total list:
Car: $350
New motor:$400 (Installed) $720
New Exedy Stage 1 Clutch/OEM Flywheel/Pads/Discs/Rotors: $260+50+80= $390
Alpine Deck, 4 Infinity Kappa, Rockfort Fostgate Punch 200.2, Alpine Type E = $810 Installed
New Deck for iPhone Support and Type S when E blew = $155
Big mother fucking tach that sucks: $80.
Repairs for the first time: $300(first round) + $100 (round 2)

That's my build thread for now. I'm looking at either turbo first or suspension...dunno if I'm going to keep the frame of this one long enough to warrent suspension parts. is apprieciated! Especially if you made it this far!

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ls mesh or si wheels, suspension, then fix the cancer and flat black the bitch.

not too bad for less than $2000.


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i'd be working on that rust issue first.. lol


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Well you're a few steps ahead of me, I want to swap a D15b into my sedan.


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i would swap the motor into a nicer shell if you find one for the right price. until then, i wouldnt spend too much on the chassis.


Christmas Car
Yea...that was my thought process going into this whole mess...I'm hoping to buy a snail sometime soon if my friend sends me it :(


Christmas Car
So...bad frame issues ya rite?

My hood came up on me while on the highway today LOL
I did manage to stop safely without injuring anybody, so that's a plus.


Christmas Car
I was thinking there was something off too, cause with the p28 I should be running rich...but...

D15B is like the Type-R of the D-series. It IS 130hp out of the sack, redline's up to 7200 safely and the p08 ecu has a fuel cut of 7411rpm, just like the p28. I take it too 7k but I leave the 200rpm room for misshift incase I get into it. I keep up with the new SI side by side until 100kms, then bye bye lol


Christmas Car

Just drove 4 hours ($30 bucks in gas holla) and picked up

SI Tranny (180xxx kms)
Shift Linkage
Stabilizer Bar

All for the grand total of $150. Not bad, not bad...

Next2do: Install it, and do the AP1 Cluster swap hopefully (early Christmas gift)


Christmas Car
No kid... The day I buy a 2door is the day I buy a porche or 240 lol


Christmas Car
Hit my car going 50 in an 80 ice + no grip = going 50 into a sidewalk...thank god I was able to control it enough so it didn't hit anybody...
So I went to the mechanic, he told me I needed a new wheel barring and an alignment and was good to go. So I bought it, but he doesn't have the align machine so I went to the other one I go to. I paid him the cash ($200 total for everything, parts + labour) only for him to tell me that both my control arms in the rear are shot and that he couldn't/wouldn't align the rear.
Best price from a junkyard = $110 for both.
Purchased price from local forum = $20 bucks + the struts. (Thx Chris)

Now he better not charge me again for the alignment or I'll be pissed :(


Thats shitty. Im glad its not too bad. Did you get some sort of receipt stating what all was to be done?


Christmas Car
Family-friend mechanics :(
No receipt, just cheap labour
Guess they were too busy for me :(
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