My new plan with the Hybrid T3

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The Trisexual

since I don't think I can find a flange for this I think I'm going to mix and match.


Whatever size compressor housing and wheel that turbo has is going on the .48 housing from the 42/48 that I have.

I still want to keep the internal gate or I would have a flange cnc cut.

From research I think this turbo is a bit bigger than the 60/63. So I can make a .60?/.48, which is much better to reach my goals of 250+ hp.

Opinion, suggestions, question, comments and I suppose there can be some criticism.


The Trisexual
thats what I thought. But that has 7 bolts and it looks a little off.

When it gets here I'll test my wastegate housing and know.


Staff member
plenty of oem turbo cars have them over the turbo

the sti has one....