my sol is dead

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ok a while ago my car quit starting, it wasnt a gradual thin it just wouldnt start one day.
i can still push start it and maybe 5-10% of the time it will start normally, but the rest of the time it doesnt it just whines like it wants to but it never clicks in.
i took the starter/selinoid to one place and told them to take it apart and check it out, they said everything was fine. put it back on my car and it still wouldnt start. my dad told me the starter might not be getting enough juice from the battery because my battery was old and i needed a new one anyway so i bought a new battery and it still wont start. i have since then taken the starter to a dif place that tested the starter and the selinoid and said both worked perfectly and i have put new battery cables/clamps on.
the bastard still wont start and im out of ideas.
anyone know what the hell could be wrong?
also after push starting it for a week or so it started having a rough idle it would bounce between 1-2k not fast, but a slow steady rise and fall of rpm's.
b16 sol if i remember correctly right?

so it is cranking though?? perhaps it isn't getting fuel ? maybe the distributor isn't firing.. there could be so many things..
Check the coil in your distributor.

I had a somewhat similar problem in my D16z6.

But I never resorted to push starting my car.... I just bought a new distributor coil and put it in.
Actually I bought EVERY FREAKING PIECE of the distrubutor before I bought the coil, and put them all in. And it ended up being the coil.
Could it be the fuel pump is broken or possibly just a blown fuse for the fuel pump?
yeah pills you remember right a b16...
i got sick of reregestering when the forums was having all the problems so i just never did the last time till now ;p

i dont see how it could have anything to do with the fuel injection system, if it was that then psuh starting it wouldnt work.

ive also checked the flywheel, i just eyed it over but it looks fine, it isnt missing any teeth or anything.

ill check on the distributor coil
W00t, micah is back! Yeah, a black B16 Sol Si...:withstupid: on the starter, but what about Alternator, was it dying before it stopping starting, or did it run perfect before that?
Check the fuel pump to see if it's priming the system. Put the key in the on position and then go to the back of the car and listen to see if you hear the pump running it should stay on for several seconds
heya afipunk ;p
alternator is fine, everything ran perfect before hand...
once again i dont think its anything to do with the fuel system, but ill try it out, thnx for all the help guys...
now to post about my dead rex :(
well i talked to a mechanic friend that stopped by for christmas and he said sometimes starters are just gay like that and every once in a while he has to shave off some of the casing so that it will poke out more and engage the flywheel.

anyone ever heard of/reccomend this?

id rather do that than buy a new starter. has anyone here ever looked up the price of a 94 sol DOHC VTEC starter? its not pretty.
a few things to check/replace.....

main relay
starter relay
igniter (inside distributor)

those are some things i know can cause the problems u are having. good luck!
starter is easy... you can use any- b-series dude
browse honda-tech classfieds... theres always shit like that in there
well i was quoted a starter for like 200+ bucks
id hate to spend that on a new starter if its not the starter. i mean 2 places have tested it and said its fine
i hear ya man...

shit, at this point- it might be worth the money to hit up the dealership and get a $78 dignostic run...
well the car has been sitting at my dads because he was having some of his friends look at it and because one of the damn tires blew out :(
so at the moment im buying 2 new tires for the back then getting the bastard back here and as far as im concerned ill push start it for the rest of my life. hell starters weight too much anyway :p
a diagnostic run is prolly my best bet. getting a day off work is the only problem
What does it do when you turn the key? Click, crank and not fire? If it's just clicking, or not doing anything at all, a diagnostic run won't do jack. It's something between the key and the starter. You could have a bad ignition switch... Definitely something with the starter...