need help deciding

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this is going to be going into a '89 CRX Si. i cant decide which engine swap i wanna go with.

i have it narrowed down to 3.........1) DOHC ZC engine 2) SIR-I B16 or 3) b18 block with an Si head(which i heard was the "poor mans type-r"). any pro's/con's to these swaps ? i heard the zc will bolt right in, using all the factory wiring and motor mounts. and ive heard with the Si swap, you have to "dent" the firewall ?? wuts up with, if i were to go with a b18 block, would i be better off just gettin a whole gsr engine ? or what ? this is going to be my gas mileage car/play toy, considering i already have a 5.0 'Stang. first car was a '93 Civic LX and i miss having one. so, i bought another one. just, it needs an engine/tranny. which is why im here. either way, w/e engine i get, im gonna put on either a 50 or 75 wet shot of n2o. so, any help would be appreciated. thanks
you want to spray a LSVtec or B16? Better lower the compression a point.

You dont have to dent teh firewall to use the "si" motor. You do however have to bang in the part of the engine bay where the alternator puley would sit or it will rub there. The reason for this, is because this motor does not belong in this car. very easy/quick solution.

I would get the LS block and buy a B16 head and swap GSR cams into it if I were you. I would never touch nitrous though...
Originally posted by B16CRX@May 31 2005, 09:26 AM
you want to spray a LSVtec or B16? Better lower the compression a point.
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Actually, nitrous likes high compression (maybe u meant boost). Thats why the rice juice is so popular with honda people.
With both the b16 and b18 swaps you will need to dent the drivers side shock tower for alternater clearance. I put a b16 in my 90 CRX HF and it was pretty easy. Its not a hard swap to do, it just costs quite a bit.

Anyway you go, I suggest for the ZC and b16a, and a junk yard for the b18. I highly suggest getting hasport mounts, they are the best. I've never heard of one breaking.
I currently have ZC in my 90 CRX HF.

Easy to install, drops right in, and has some nice power for the hassle-free/cost.
Aftermarket parts are kind of a pain to find and hunt down, and as for spray...well, not too much of a fan of that myself !_!


I have a DOHC ZC in my CRX right now. I have looked into aftermarket parts for my car and have not had any problems finding aftermarket parts. Sure you cant just call Skunk2 and buy cams but you can get regrinds from a few places. Plus there are sites that you can buy aftermarket pistions for a ZC too. But really its up to you. For the money I think the ZC is a good motor.
i think ill just go with the ZC for now. guy i know said he'll sell me a dohc ZC with tranny and ecu for $700. so, ill do that, and try to get some nice #'s to the ground in the 5.0 while still havin fun in the Honda. thanks everybody


If you ever decide to start modding your ZC check out this website:

There are a few guys on there that make some good numbers with a ZC. Best of luck to you Red.
definetly go with the zc..lower cost,easier install, and it can make decent power...the thing i dont like about a b swap in a 88-91 chasis is no matter what brand of mounts you install there seems to be an unacceptable amount of vibration. the only b swaps i like for 88-91 involve stocks mounts, but it does take quite a bit of fab to do that.thats just my 2cents.
the vibration is because of the polyeurathane mounts. That will happen in any car. and its really not bad at all.