Need Help For 91 Civic Engine Swap

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Hello and thanks to anybody that will helping me on this.
I am new to this field and would like a bit of guidance on how to proceed with my swap. I recently bought a 91 civic dx for a project car and I also bought (cheap) an accidented 93 civic coupe with a 99 sir v-tec engine. I am used to working on older american models this is why I would like to do the work myself for personal satisfaction in this new and amazing field. Is there anything I should be telling you guys in order to help me out? I would also like to change the rear brakes for disk brakes, what would be the conversion for this?
Thanks for taking the time in helping me out :worthy: :)
Originally posted by HondaMoCo@Jan 13 2003, 02:06 PM
are you saying you wanna put the motor out of the 93 in your 91 or what


the engine i'm putting in is the 99 sir v-tec
Your best bet will be to sell whatever engine is in that 93 (I'm assuming it is a B16A2, because there is no SiR in the US and the B16A SiR series stopped in 1995), and buy yourself a B16A SiR1, or (with a little more cash) a 94-95 B18C1 (GSR). To go from a 99 to a 91 means a jump from OBD2 to OBD0 which is practically impossible. The B16A SiR1 will mount right in with a mount kit and you'll only have to change 26 (I think) wires to make it work. Seems like a lot, but it's really easy--add injector resistor box, wire for 4 injectors, wire in a cylinder position sensor, wire for VTEC, extend/switch TPS and IACV, and enjoy. The GSR will be a little harder because of the OBD0-->1 changeover, but nothing as horrid as a OBD0-->2. You'll just have to graft on plugs for the distributor, injectors, and perhaps the ECU (I'm not sure on that one). Good luck, HTH.
To make this a little more helpful for everyone,where excactly would I find the identification of the engine, this might help. Beeing no sir in the US, how about Canada? Also maybe the guy that sold to me was also in the dark. Is there a place or a tag that I can look up the year of the engine or a tag that would also tell me what model tranny I have ? :( :worthy:
to make this motor work in your DX, the first thing you are gonna need to perform is an MPFI conversion, then you gonna need to obtain, 90-93 integra axles, 88-91 Si hubs, Hasport shift linkage and Hasport mounts, since you have a cable clutch you are gonna need a bare minimum tranny out of a 90-91 teg, or if you want a better tranny, you can get the tranny from the 88-91 civic/crx sir, or for the best you can get a YS1 which is out of an integra XSI i believe, then your going to either keep the wiring the same and run the pr3 ecu, or convert to obd1 and run a chipped P28 or an ECU out of a del sol Vtec, or you could convert to obdII and run the 99-si ecu, i would reccomend keeping it OBD 0 and running the pr3, to do this you are gonna have to get a Intake manifold from a 90-91 integra for direct plug in vacuum lines, or get a manifold off of a delsol vtec or an OBD I teg, they basically plug in the same, with a few minor differences, but they flow a little bit better. everything else is just improvising and makin it work.