Need List Of Parts To Do A Mini Me

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Hey everyone,
I am planning on doing the Mini-Me swap on my 91 CRX si.
I was wondering if it would be possible to make a z6/zc hybrid?
Do the Mini-Me swap and and while im at it, i read something about putting ZC Pistons, rods and crank in my factory block to boost compression and get more hp/trq?
Would this work? would it be worth the time and money spent?Are their any other zc or z6 parts that could help the performance of my motor?
Help with any of these questions would be great!
a dohc zc head will NOT, i repeat NOT fit on any d-series other than the d16a8/9 found in the 1st gen integra.


if you "friend" has this- he either had a butt load of machine work to get it to fit on there, or he has the dohc block already.
I know that the DOHC ZC doesnt fit pissedoffsol.
Im talking a regular z6 vtec head mini-me with ZC PISTONS, RODS and maybe CRANK! Would it work??
i was also wundering about OTHER zc parts that would fit.

i second that the ZC block will not bolt to the Sohc head, unless you are referring to the D15B JDM sohc vtec motor that is labeled ZC, the DOHC block will not bolt up to the SOHC without machine work, and money, but it isn't worth the money, so why are we talking about this?
Originally posted by markiebredsol@Jan 31 2003, 05:44 PM
i asked can i put the zc head onto d15 block nothing else

because this guy asked the above
Pissedoffsol is correct on the the dohc ZC not fitting on the D Block, now there was a SOHC ZC made for the 89-91 Civics that will fit, is not worth it doing it but can be done. Maybe that's what Nerologic was saying that he's friend did. But again DOHC heads will not fit on a D Series SOHC unless you do MAJOR work because the bolts will not align.