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Soy Boricua
It was allright..The Karate Guy was kind of gay though..I bet he can kick my

THe vid suck but the other vids on that site are the shit... :p
lol OWNED!

he totally was missing throwing random punches and got DROPED

"Hey DEBO you got knocked the FUCK OUT"


I'm just about that action Boss.
Not impressed.


Wrong Whole!
holy shit that guy was pulling whatever the fuck he was doing out of his ass.

I've never seen any martial arts guys throw a hail mary punch.
He was swinging like a girl and got lucky lol.

btw is it hell mary or hail mary? google pulled more stuff up on hail mary passes then hell mary... anywho

that was lame.


Well-Known Member
That wasn't a good fighting style in the least. Both kids threw random punches, the karate kid was lucky to have thrown an uppercut and hit a sweet spot on the kids chin which is why he went down like a ton of bricks.

Hit someone's chin = make their head snap backwards quickly = cut off blood supply/oxygen for a second = knockout.


Fuck goin into the crane, I woulda punched that chump in the nose at the beginning of the clip. The rest is a waste...

Battle Pope

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assbag flailing around like a fucking fairy. I woulda just bumrushed the kid and beat his face in, he was obviously pulling the whole "fighting style" out his butt.


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yeah, would have been awesome if he wouldnt have just totally abandoned whatever nifty fighting stance he was in. But it was still funny watching that dork drop that other loser whilst flailing about.


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funny watching one guy get his ass knocked out by a ninja fairy lol I think the ninja boy was flailing his arms trying to blocks the other guys punches becuase it worked...I think it was a blocking tactic lol but yes all that was pointless! I woulda just tackled his ass to the ground the punch him in the face lol...


New Member
Both of those clowns cant fight for shit, period. One thing i dont understand is why the ninja queen didnt hit other dude when he bent down to tie his shoe or whatever. That is one of the weakest fights i've ever seen.


Working Hard
I didn't post the fight because I thought it was good. The point of it was the guy kept laughing at him and got dropped. Plain and simple. Nothing fancy. The bald headed guy got into his "cool guy" fighting stance. That's how most of the "gangtas" in cali try to fight lol


New Member
Yea I agree with you on that. What's funny is the white guy just used that little move as a scare tactic which suprisingly worked lol. If the bald guy would have known the first thing about martial arts then he would have known the guy didnt know jackshit or else the white guy wouldn't have even fought him.


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the white dude didnt get hit once and blocked all the other dudes punches....

anyone have any real good fight videos