New Race Spot in my town!!!

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I am so happy about this I had to tell everyone...

Well, last saturday night the cops busted out new race spot and there was only one way out. They let everybody go (of course, since there was about 125 cars there), then we went down the street, waiting for the cops to leave then the cops came to the parking lot everybody was sitting at. They said and I quote "since you all are going back to race I might as well tell you the truth about your race spot. The city and county police have no jurisdiction (spelling?) at that factory. As long as you keep the place clean and safe we can't do anything to you." That is the coolest thing I have ever heard.

On a different note my friends Turbo WRX raced a S2000 that night and spanked the hell out of him, I beat an 89 300zx and 2000 Celica. I was proud of myself.

Friday night I saw a Lotus and Ferrari race, it was awesome!!!! Ferrari won!
seeing how my friend is a shitty driver the s2000 probably had some kind of chance because he was a good driver.
dude where do u live, so i can come race there? there is no races where i live in lafayette, IN
Huntsville, AL if ever in town email me!! Maybe we could get a hondaswap party going once a month and travel to different towns to meet everyone, race that kinda thing. Hondaswap OWNS!!
here ion michigan they were showing some shit on street racin on the news and there was a cop car watching the races and blasting music through the pa.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 16 2002, 03:22 PM
yo dont just pack up and tour around to see us dude :)

Why not? A group of us all got together in Kansas City for a Civicland meet. Well, the California group got sidelined at the last minute, but we had one from Indiana (I think) and 2 from Texas...


Huntsville? My uncle's a surgeon there... maybe I can drop in sometime. :D
we talk to each other eveyday almost.... and it be pretty cool to be able hang out and shot the shit with each other!
yup that would be me in indiana.... lol im down for some hot races spots.. we need to hit tampa...the hot shit is there on sats....