Nitrouse And Turbo On B18b

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I am in the process of breaking in my engine. I have SRP 8.5:1 pistons, Eagle Rods, Turbo Blockguard, extrude homming, bored .20 over, turbo headgasket, and hondata w/ boost option. All this is in my B18B with a GSR transmission. I am about to let the engine see some boost. I am going to run 15-20 psi. I am wondering if I can spray a 50-100 wet shot on top of that. I only plan on using the nirtous when I face tough competition. I have already upgraded the driveterrain with aftermarket axles, stage 3 clutch, and a 10.5 lb flywheel. I plan on taking the Hondata to get it dyno tuned before running the turbo at 15psi or spraying. Just let me know what you think about spraying on top of boost.
15-20 psi on what turbo?

if you just bought the right sized turbo for how fast you want to go, you wouldn't need n2o.

on a block guard, i wouldn't bosot over 10 psi on a t3/t4 or 8 on a t3 60-1 or 7 on a t4 60-1
thats me.

others safely have boosted for a year at higher psi on lesser built engines.

being tuned by hondata helps a lot, but i have $100 on you blowing it up if you run a 100 shot of juice.
you can't beat them all...
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 20 2003, 03:11 AM
you can't beat them all...

spoken like a good man!!!

i feel the exact same way as pissedoffsol does, you could squeeze on top of what you got but instead of it being 100 bucks from pissedoffsol, make it another 100 of my own to bet on that one :)
If you have problem's with tubo lag I don't see a small shot(not a 100 shot wet nos)would hurt anything
Well I am either going with a t3/t4 or a t3 60-1 ball bearing. Will a 50 shot hold up? I just want a little more boost of power when I face that person with a z06 vette. My whole goal is to be a Viper killer and id rather not fall short on that goal. Is there anything else I can do to pull the most out of my car during pressure situations. I plan on lowering the boost for daily driving. My car is a coupe and its going to take more power to even stay close to a civic hatch or del sol with the same mods. I know that I will have a major traction problem on street. I was thinking of running a dual stage boost controller will that help to launch at a lower psi to get off the line without spinning as much. I will spend as many hours as it takes to make sure the tunning is done right so my car will hold up. If there is any suggestions to do anything to my car to make it hold up better let me know. I am willing to hear every one of them out. I bought lower compression pistons in hope of being able to run the alot of boost or moderate boost with nitrous. Thanks