no wonder why kids today can barely read...

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their teachers can't either.

WTF? this stupid bitch winked at me on match.


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Teachers and education majors are fun B. Honestly, I never look at my middle school and high school teachers the same after seeing what happens with the education majors in college. Do it up.
B's shit is almost rusty enough that he needs a tetanus shot every time he touches it.

Love 'em and leave 'em, B. Never hurts to try.
looks good from the picture, who cares if she can even speak English.

English isn't her first language. who cares. she's cute. and....she winked at YOU! how many girls that don't have kids wink at you?

Give it a shot. Hell, she could have old school foreign traditions where she wants a job, cook all the time and keep her many happy. i don't see a problem here. stop being so god damn picky.
You guys are missing the big one.

"Treat a woman like a woman"

Whatever that means to you, it's correct.