Obd1 into Obd2b

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If i going to Swap a B16 Sir1 into my 2000 Honda HB Dx....

Since the B16 sir1 is a obd1 and my car is a obd2b, do i need to do any wire harness conversion?

By the way i know that it's illegal to swap older motor into newer car, since the b16sir1 is cheap i going to do a swap anyway.

I really apprecaite any helps.......
that's obd0 to obd2 man. that blows. and not only will that be a problem, but the transmission you'll use is giong to be a ghey cable clutch with a unreliable hydro to cable conversion.


dont be cheap and just get a b16a2 from a civic SI and dont waste your time and money trying to get a 14 year old motor into your car. it will cost you nearly the same amount of money to get that old ass engine into your car than if you just got the right one in the first place.