obx exhaust?

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I bought my 95 ex last Jan. and had to put an exhaust on it 2 days later. I went to the tire & muffler shop where I buy my tires. Afew monthes later I had to have them move the cat because they cut the flange of the ehaust manifold wellded a universal cat onto it and custom bent 2.5'' to the back and put on a stock muffler. This put the cat so far to the front that I could'nt drop my alternator to swap it's pully. Monday I noticed the car getting alittle noisy, & figured I'd cheak it Saturday. ( first chance I had ) Well need less to say Sat. on my way to work the outlet pipe on the cat broke off. They aren't open on Sat., but I'll be at they're front door when they open monday.

I was going to order my suspension this weekend, but may have to cut my losses on the exhaust. My overtime got cut this week( I'm not crying ) so there goes my play money. I was wondering if the OBX exhaust I'm seeing on Ebay is good enough to get me out of a bind or should I skip my suspension ( that is sagging ) and go higher end? ( Greddy or A'pexi ) I will have to change the whole exaust if I have to cut my losses.

Thanks in advance.
im not too sure about the obx, seems that the megan exhaust is pretty good for the price. should be able to get one for less than 400 shipped. just throwing that out there..