ok ive searched everywhere B18a1 to B18b1 90 teg

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i live in canada im new to the forum and i have an american 1990 2 door 5 speed LS teg
i know alot about the car im on my third motor finally made the jump to b18b1 out of a 98 teg
i have a buncha mods so on and so on ...
ive searched everywhere for the answer to this and cannot find it
the 98 engine is all installed and running in my car on the OBD0 ecu and wiring ..
now my question is ... can i use the B18b1 intake manifold on my obd0 setup
people have said yes in other threads saying its easy so on ....
however theres no details as to what i use ..
1.can i use the b18b1s map sensor by extending my current wires ?
2.theres no where to hookup the two solenoids on the firewalls hoses for vacumn
3. can i eliminate the map and 2 solenoids on the firewall by using the b18b1s sensors already on it
4. if yes can someone give me a relitively detailed way to do this ?

reasons for my asking is a couple reasons ...
1. apparently the b18b1 intake flows better
2. my b18a1 intake is most likely wearing down and causing my idle to be crappy
3. i have strut braces for the back and front upper the back is in but the front seems to hit the b18a1 intake and wont let me bolt it up and the b18b1 intake is much smaller uptop so i can fit my strut brace on with no interference
4. without all the crap on the firewall and excess hoses it will look cleaner

im ready to do the install next weekend after i buy a new intake gasket any and all help would be appreciated
PS: theres also a black denso thing ontop of this intake manifold the engine was out of a 98 automatic integra if that makes a diff
the sensor from what i can find is an evep purge ? the numbers on it are as follows Denso 136200-1350 pcs7 can i use this on my obd0 if so where do i route it? if its irrelevant for the obd0 is there a way i can delete it and make the intake cleaner looking without that extra bulk ? thanks in advance


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ohyea i forgot to mention ive already installed the 98 injectors changed the clips and deleted the resistor box so i will swap those into the b18b1 intake of course if i can use the intake
would this have been the cause of making my car run rich and it seems to slightly bog under load like it doesnt kick when i hit the gas it accels but not peppy and makes a slight boggyness .. i dunno thats another thread i suppose all on its own


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38 views and no replies ? no one has done this yet ? is it stumping everyone that much ? lol
i noticed a couple things leading to what they refer to as the charcoal canister where would i route that on the new intake ? i dont want to plug it off and have the apparent pressure build up in the tank ... i dont mind leaving it hang and vent ... if thats the case ill get a long hose and make it vent off somewhere away from the engine bay


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you can use the b1 intake yes . i dont know about the throttle body tho. it might not be compatible with ur obdo wiring. so i would say to use a1 throttle body, u CAN do that.. the map sensor u can extend the wires and put it near throttle body and it plugs on to that with vac.or leave it where its at. the other two sensors by the map, 1 is for the fuel pressure regulator. u dont need it. plug the fpr direct to the manifold. ive run mine like this for a couple years no prob, and no negative mpg affects.the other is the purge solonoid. i unplugged that as well and never noticed any difference in anything whatsoever. for the black denso thing on top ot sure i dont ever come on here or check this . just saw you had asked with 38 views n no replies. so registered to let u know


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thanks bud .... :)
unfortunately .. i have sold the integra and moved up to a 98 prelude .. i still have the b18b1 intake sittin here tho haha ...
im surprised no one has done a real write up on this intake swap before ..
considering how many people do engine swaps on DA's