Parts needed...92 civic..door rims..... fenders

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New Member
hey guys anyone have some stock steelie rims for sale? with or without tiers doesnt matter.... i also need a driver side door for a 92 civic 4dr lx.... i could use both front fenders and a left side door as well. i live near madison wi. let me know! thanks
Oh wow, you are in luck my friend. haha I'm currently taking apart my 94 EG LX and only taking the hood and passengers side fender off it. You could probably have anything else from it that you may need but shipping would be very interesting to figure out. haha Drop me a line on PM's or e-mail me at That's an easy way to reach me. I also have steelies and heck man, I have a gazillion EG parts. haha I would definitely have the drivers and passengers side door but the window mechanisms may be missing, as we had to source them out to my brothers EG. Let me know and best of luck getting your EG back into shape. :thumbsup: