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Found this site on the web last week wondering if anybody has dealt with them before? :blink:
I have yet to hear anything bad about them.I've seen a few threads with people raving about them,but have never dealt with them personally.Take one for the team and find out.
well i'm trying to get a sponsorship thru them and they have great customer service. i know someone who has delt with them and give them 4 stars on a seller rating.
sponsor as in put a windsheild banner and other shit on and they will give you a free swap or something like that? Where do i sign up?
i was looking at their site and for some reason, the itr long block with a JDM itr tranny was cheaper than just the packaged swap (by about 800 depending on what spec longblock they give you)? They say that the long block is basicly everything minus tranny?