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So i have 900 bucks in my account and i went to get it transfered today. Unfortunately i cant send money or do anything cause it says my account is restricted. Anybody else having any problems? Now i have to send a bunch of documents and shit to them before i can send money again.

Until i get unrestricted, my ls swap purchase is on hold :(

This sucks
ive had my account restricted before.. i was able to get resolved pretty quick, though. i just faxed over the information they needed and my account was fixed the same day. they had pretty good customer service once i was finally able to get a phone number and get somebody on the phone..!
call them.

Known phone numbers:

(402) 935-2000 / (402) 935-2001 / (402) 935-2062 / (402) 935-2258 [this is Craig, complaints resolution manager] / (402) 935-7733 / (402) 537-5740 (fax) / (650) 251-1100 / (888) 221-1161 / (800) 836-1859 / (877) 672-9725 / (866) 272-9725 / (402) 935-2338 [Carrie, Paypal Security]

and then visit

good luck dude :(
Make sure you have verified mailing address and bank account.