Pictures After The Swap

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Hey thanks for checking these out. You can see more info at my website (click on WWW).


So fresh and so clean :)

You can see here where the intake hits the strut brace. :-(

The exhaust, without the silencer.


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b18b represent

but why did you buy a header for it, i would hope there would be a turbo in place of it soon :p

BTW, its lookin good, good job


Originally posted by SolReaver@Jan 12 2003, 11:01 PM
why did you buy a header for it, i would hope there would be a turbo in place of it soon :p

no budget for LS/T right now. maybe summer of `04? I mainly did this for AutoX, so I wanted torque. I got it. Plus, I may turn this into a road racer, and turbo is not allowed for things like the Honda Challenge

:worthy: B18B



Originally posted by chet@Jan 12 2003, 11:09 PM
looks good, what transmission did you use?

Just the stock transmission. I am looking to eventually do something with it (upgrade?, lsd?, final drive?). I plan to AutoX it, but my main focus is on daily driveability; I hope to put lotsa miles on it.


Originally posted by asmallsol@Jan 12 2003, 11:16 PM
So how does it drive?

It's a haus :)

First, I'd like to say I'm glad I did brakes and suspension FIRST :spin:
Wheelspin during launch is something I'm having to learn to deal with... something I haven't had since I put on the Falken Azeni tires. I guess normal driving is shifting at 2,000. The exhaust is a little boomy, since I did not put the resonator in yet. (I'm trying to research exactly where to put it). The acceleration is awesome, though... I've already killed a few cars with it. It revs up kinda slow after about 5,000 but I guess that's good... that seems to be where most of the power is. It cruises nicely on all types of roads, and has excellent passing power, compared to my D15.

I was out driving a road that I know very well, earlier this afternoon, heading west into this S-curve. The first turn was a left-hander, where you could see up the hill. No one was coming, so I left it in third, and came in across the apex, seeing if I was going to slide. The tires held, so they were warm. I dropped to 2nd gear for the uphill, descending-radius right-hander, and the ass came out before the apex, less than a foot, and probably still in my lane, since my right-front was still on the paintline. I was a little worried, but I stayed on the throttle (remembering what I was told), and the ass came right back to the inside, and we kept on. My passenger was thouroughly impressed, and not scared a bit... just calmly watching the scenery and enjoying the ride. I was amazed that the car handled it so well. I remember taking a similar turn in the autox last year (before the swap), and looping around at about 30mph, taking out 4 or 5 cones :-(

I have to say I don't use the brake hardly ever when lightly driving now. The tight springs make my right foot move over the big bumps, and with the silencer out, you can hear the slight variation in throttle as i hit large bumps. But the car is very predictable, and oversteer is much much more comfortable and controllable, especially with a little left foot braking, and matching my revs on my habitual down-shifts under braking.

I'm starting to get good at driving straight at a turn in 4th or 5th gear, and while leading into the turn, I'll hit the brake, push in the clutch, blip the throttle with my right foot still on the brake, shift into 3rd or 2nd, let off the brake and accelerate all the way through the turn with a bit of understeer. This technique was explained to me, and the point is to get a smooth weight transfer to the suspension, while you match revs, so that the clutch and drivetrain take the least possible amount of shock. With the free-flow of the intake and exhaust, and the huge range of torque (over what I had before), it's a whole new car for me. Well worth the wad B) I can't wait to make it to The Dragon's Tail


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That looks very nice! i'm jelous. I just finished my swap, and it doesn't look nearly as good as that. Damn good job man!


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you know, you have me thinking, what I "want" to do is a big list for the car. Added it up and it is going to cost me close to 9k (with no internals). That is with an ITR swap, however the b18b is looking nicer and nicer and plus it is 2-2.5k cheaper than ITR. Damn i am stuck again.