Pointless conversation thread


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Brian posts his conversations all the time, I can post one too. :)

This is how bored I get at work, the conversation with my brother went from him being hungry to rabid crack-addicted penguins:

CoolPimp99 which reminds me
PLipinski81 eat food
CoolPimp99 ...food?
PLipinski81 yes.
CoolPimp99 foo-d?
PLipinski81 yes.
CoolPimp99 we dont own such things
PLipinski81 ...we don't
CoolPimp99 ...
CoolPimp99 thats right.
CoolPimp99 we dont.
CoolPimp99 i like shoes.
PLipinski81 eat the shoes
CoolPimp99 i have no
CoolPimp99 walky things then
PLipinski81 yes you do
PLipinski81 your feet
CoolPimp99 provides essential leathers
PLipinski81 exactly
PLipinski81 fiber too
CoolPimp99 aye
CoolPimp99 there's very little meat in those shoes though.
PLipinski81 many toxic chemicals and rubbers essential for a healthy body
CoolPimp99 dont forget grime/poop!
PLipinski81 well of course you wash the shoes
PLipinski81 DUH OMG
CoolPimp99 no
CoolPimp99 grime is essential
PLipinski81 ahh
CoolPimp99 for building healthy stench structure
PLipinski81 i see
PLipinski81 i was so blind
CoolPimp99 aye
CoolPimp99 i went running today
CoolPimp99 i could only run like
CoolPimp99 1/3 of what i usually do
PLipinski81 were wolves chasing you?
CoolPimp99 not this time.
PLipinski81 ok.
CoolPimp99 there WERE penguins though.
CoolPimp99 but only a dozen.
PLipinski81 i hate it when they come around
CoolPimp99 yeah
CoolPimp99 they're always begging for crack
PLipinski81 damn those crack-addicted penguins
CoolPimp99 :{
PLipinski81 There's a penguin rehab clinic like, 3 blocks from there
CoolPimp99 :)
PLipinski81 if only they'd get their lives together
PLipinski81 we could live without fear of penguin attack
CoolPimp99 it's all santa's fault
PLipinski81 He drove them out
CoolPimp99 he got them addicted.
PLipinski81 right
PLipinski81 It's not a merry christmas for those poor crack-addicted penguin packs
CoolPimp99 :(
CoolPimp99 ...because of the lack of crack
PLipinski81 Right.