PowderCoated some stuff!

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when you tape off letters do you remove the tape before puting it back in the oven for the second color to prevent lifting as the first color will get soft again in the oven???

I wiped the letters with my finger and put the VC in the oven for a few minutes for the powder to start flowing then pulled the VC from the oven and pulled the tape.If you pull it soon enough it will leave smooth lines and prevent the black powder from flaking onto the pink.
Awesome job! We have been in the powdercoating business for two years now. For just doing it as a hobby you do great work. If you lived around me and needed a job I would hire you in a heartbeat.
Are you pre baking the aluminum parts first to prevent out gassing?

Thanks,i cooked it at 450 for 30 minutes to outgas and get rid of any oil.The white VC had some outgassing issues so i had to sand it down and do a second coat of white and then the Starlight clear.
powdercoating always looks better then paint. nice job