Power window wiring. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I was trying to replace the radio antenna in my 91 civic LX. I was using a fish tape in the A pillar to retrace the path of the antenna wire. I originally started with a piece of string as instructed by my Chilton manual. The string broke. Long story short, I pulled a blue/yellow wire out of the A pillar. The wire is a 12 gauge wire and about 15 inches long. I actually came across this wire twice. Yes, I know. Duh. Trust me, I've already been there. Anyway, I first unplugged the spade from where ever it was with the fish tape. After going in a second time with the fish tape I grabbed the wire and tore the other end off from where ever it was. So basically I have a spade and a blue/yellow 12 gauge wire and no idea where it went. I've done some research and I think the wire is for the front passenger window down wire. The front passenger window is not working. Because of me shorting out the electrical system in the car with this fiasco the battery keeps draining. If anyone could help me with this situation I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks.
Shorting out does not cause draw a relay/circuit staying on does or just a bad battery. You might be lucky and it be the window motor wire but PROBABLY isn't because the motor wires to through dash harness and nowhere near A-Pillar. Idk how to say this without sounding like joking/rude but... take the interior apart and further inspect you're just fighting yourself pulling wires and strings for panels held on by a clip and maybe a 10mm and then start with the basics test components and fuse panel and go from there. Don't over complicate it