Primered 93 Civic Cx Shell, full interior...Feeler

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Well, I most likely have this thing sold but I figured I'd post it here too.

How much would you pay for my hatch? You can even make a serious offer and I might take it.

It's dirty as hell and the pictures are shitty, it's raining or I would have pushed it out and cleaned it. I'll take better pics and clean it up a little over the weekend, maybe.

1993 Civic Cx Rolling Shell, Ful interior

15XXXX miles on the chassis

206XXX on the cluster, its a manual EX cluster

Blown LS with perfect hydro LS trans, Oil pan is tapped and I think I still have the sandwich adapter on it too. NO injectors, NO ecu. Brand new axles :thumbsup:.

Driver seat is torn beyond repair, stained and ugly.

Optional Audio Console

Shaved moldings

Primered Gray

It's gonna need a front bumper cover

On 13" steelies





How much do you have it sold for?

I could probably wing $500 for it... Not to low ball, but its going to cost me another $600 to pick it up and trailer it back to texas.
I'd take 500 without the motor/trans. That's actually the current offer.

I didn't want to have to pull it out, but I will if I have too.

I just rolled it into my garage and haven't worked on it or cleaned my garage since.
What kind of condition is it in, rust wise? any rust at all? And how are the side moldings shaved?s.. Did they weld in metal or slap it full of bondo? I assume the suspension is in good shape?

I currently have a line on a 97 civic, but if that falls through, I am pretty interested.
Fiberglass resin, partial fiberglass matting, and the regular plasti bondo on top. It needs a little work.

As for the gu in CT. Make a decent offer and I'll tow it for you. My van would have no problem towing. Just pay for gas and the uhaul dolly.

***Oh yea, no rust, body is straight. A little sanding, and the molding areas will be perfect.
sure...if you want it.

Make a reasonable offer on the whole thing. Saves and you time, and I'm lazy. :D
I'd give you $800 for the whole thing. I have an engine and stuff i was planning on putting in, so if you pulled the old one i wouldn't have to. Upside though is i would have an extra block and tranny, to build outside of the car. It all depends on my insurance settlement, if i get more than i need, then i can build my engine over the next few months.

I can understand wanting more, but i don't see it worth it, i am going to have to paint it and still pull and rebuild the engine assuming i want the replacement block.

Still i want the shell, good deal on that. I suposed i can have my parents lend me the money for it, but i know that they won't lend me $1100, even if i have mony coming.
that is a steal at 500, too bad your way over there. i have been looking for a decent shell in Wa for awhile and can't find any at a reasonable price.
ok i am in kansas city at the moment but have people in new york where are you at have bean looking for a shell like that for a wile if not sold let me know