Problems with Civic

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I dunno what to do about this, I'm about to take it to Honda and get a diagnostic...Back in November 2001, I blew my head gasket (which caused the car to shake violently and smoke POURED out of the exhaust to the point I coudn't see the jeep behind me) Well, it was fixed two weeks later and everything was fine, until around March, when it started to do the same thing. I took it back to the shop and they said they forgot to do something to the head gasket (can't remember now)
and they fixed it...again. Now, my car is starting to shake again, when my friend drove it, he floored it, and smoke came pouring out of the exhaust--mind you this is a aftermarket full cat-back with a 2.5 inch tip...None of my friends' cars do this, and they also have cat-backs. Any suggestions?
loose nut behind the wheel. . . lol. . . but for real, are you losing coolant or oil?
Well, if white smoke is pouring out. its because your losing oil. My civic starts to smoke at 4000 rpm, so i just keep it under 4000, and check my oil every week, and not get it fixed, instead saving up my cash for a swap.
how much did that head gasket replacement cost you? I just ran into the same problem today so I dont want to drive my car anymore until i get it fixed. I have oil in my antifreeze and im pouring out sweet smelling white smoke due to antifreeze leaking in cylinders. Atleast I cought it early enough so I didnt overheat my engine which can crack the aluminum head and i guess warping. Tempaerature started going up really high but I cut off the car before anything serious happened. Anyway please let me know how much that ran you cost wise. Also did you get your head checked out for warping and cracking when the gasket was being replaced? Thanks
You are correct, sir!
Diagnosis : blown head gasket
The cure: lots of cash
The whole head gasket replacements cost me around 800 dollars (ripoff!) but they replaced a lot of the head...My head might be warped, I drove it for about 30 miles after it blew, and the temp guage was thru the roof. I never got my engine checked for warped or cracking--at least they never said anything, uually they will, as it involves them making more money off of you
Ok, back to MY that I have a tachometer, I took a step in fixing the shaking at idle...It seems that my car sits at about 500-600 rpm's at idle...yeah, I know-- :wtf: When I start it, it goes to 2300, then drops to 500'ish, same thing when I am stopping at a stop light, stop sign, etc...Any suggestions? (I know there will be a ton of em)