Project Car

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personally, i think its ugly as shit, nor would i spend 8 grand on it.

a project car costs $300. that one looks done to me
it just needs a few things, new door lining, new trunk lining, rebuild//upgrade carb, upgrade the radiator, get a positrac, get some head, ram air hood, and a few interrior things.

nothing real major, but still wil be fun :huh:
on a car like that the performance is just a bonus....i'd say most of the appeal is being able to brag about owning a car like that.....amc was bad ass in its day....they built good cars that would it and let the classics :roll:
my dad doesn't want to work on an import, he doesn't like building them up. he wants to restore the javelin to stock, aside from some flowmasters and bigger rims *which mom convinced him to do*

it is a badass car though, i will definately rock it.
:werd: 90accord. AMC's with a 360 are nice cars. I thought some of those 360's were factory rated at like 380-390 HP.. :-/ Ah well. Muscle cars are nice and will always live on. They may weight 3000 lbs, but they can easy make the power to push them also.
looks clean for an old muscle car. good luck on winning it. i only paid $500 for my "project car" but i have already spent almost $350 on it hood, hatch, touring wing, 14" stealies, and a new grill piece i just won off of ebay thats coming next week hopefully (had to send a money order <_< ). umm..its a Ford Escort GT :ph34r: BUT it does have a Mazda power plant in it :) . this lil car is gonna be sweet as hell when done..i am not gonna rice it out. right now i am in the process of doing body work to it so ya know primer is definately in effect :D . i just wish mother nature was a lil nicer this time of year...come on 50+ degree weather!!
the guy said it's in our driveway for 6500, so dads seriously thinking about that.