Question :d16y7 to b18c5

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I really dont know shit about hondas, i want to swap my d16y7[non vtec :( ] to a b18c5 or a b16a2. how much money do you think it would cost to do the swap and wirer the car to vtec? is it worth doin it or should i just trade the car in for somthin else. i already invested like 5000 in to just makin the car look hot.
5000 to make it look HOT?
And you still have a d16y7 in it, well then since your so caked out you must be able to put another $10,000 under the hood.

But anyway those swaps should run you from 2 to 5 G's complete. Should be worth more than the 5 you spent on looks.
thanks for the quick reply gyallis. what do you think i should go with, b18c5 or b16a2? i want to be able to put a super charger or a turbo on after the swap. Does anyone know about the mini me swap, whats the advantages and disadvantages of it?
mini-me swap is putting a vtec head onto a non-vtec block, SOHC that is. The B16 or B18 is a much better idea, the swap boys here will tell you.
thanx gyallis and integra for your advise. im most likly gonna do the b16 and put a turbo on it. any places online u know that i can get a good b16 engine with low milage on it. im new to this stuff, i just got into imports.
b16 + turbo = 5000 easy.. 7000 if you want it to be built. its not cheap to go boost. all those "kits" come with bullshit parts that simply suck ass. keep that in mind.

if you budget is under 5g's, i say do a gsr b18c1 swap, and do some itr cams