Rice-iest Part Of YOUR Car

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Ok, let's see what people are willing to admit they put on their car.
Almost everyone knows I have APC tail lights, but they're not true Altezza style. And I have clear washer led's. Clear, not Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, or Purple. They replaced my rusted up old ones. But I'm not ashamed of them.
a mugen power sticker on the side of my car, (no mugen shit in my car) the previous owner put it there and i am affraid that if i take it off, i will still have mugen power one the side of it (faded paint) when i first bought it, he had a DOHC VTEC sticker on it, that was in a spot that the sun could not really touch so i took it off the first week
lol, i must say the led squirters are super duper ricey ;). i guess the riceiest thing i have would be my 5" moster tach, but, its functional, i have a DX no tach, plus its easy to read without taking your eyes off the road :p other than that, maybe my clear sidemarkers are? i dont think so.. :p
RActive Coilovers
Carbon Fiber Windshield wipers
(H) VTEC power badge
ghetto mounted receiver

but it all gets set off with the volks :)
well on my last car i just owned (90 Civic DX hatchback), i guess you could say the Buddy Club kit and Feels wing. BUT i did have a D16z6 in it and it sat on a set of 99-00 Civic Si rims :) oh and i had a cheap ass exhaust tip on it too
shit my car was loaded with riced out shit..before i could rip everything out.. right now the most ricey-est thing thats still on the car.. cuz i only found out about it 2 days ago.. I HAVE BLUE REVERSE LIGHTS.... W-T-F!!!! SO :ghey: im swappin those bitches this weekend.
G3 Altezzas and Carbon Fiber "Civic" just took out white guages and 3-D dash. I got all of you beat!
*Rice Free Zone* ... no rice on mine ... but everythings still stock
"mugen look-alike" billet shift knob
billet chrome oil cap
aluminum racing pedals
chrome led squirters (i will skwirt u with them if u dont shut up!)
a few red cables in the engine bay. at least my engine is spotless
Originally posted by asmallsol@Oct 11 2002, 09:16 PM
a mugen power sticker on the side of my car, (no mugen shit in my car) the previous owner put it there and i am affraid that if i take it off, i will still have mugen power one the side of it (faded paint)

you may just need to use a good cleaner wax to even out that area under the sticker.

or, you can get some automotive polish (not wax, actual polish. i use blue coral). peel the sticker, then hit that area with the polish. polish the whole car if you have to. in any case, there will be no sign that there was a sticker cause you will have made the rest of the car look as new as the untouched paint under the sticker. i have done this a few times myself, and it works. i once had the entire sides of my car covered with an ad for a sign company. when you are done, you'll have to rewax your car.
Originally posted by Smonkeyboy@Oct 12 2002, 01:18 AM
1 4in neon tube, plugged into the ciggarette lighter (it was only $10)

lol ..thats getting the most rice for the money! yo!
Superloud fart can
Light blue off brand pedals and shift knob
Blacklight reverse lights (I would never change them!!! hehe)
Just took off the PIAA emblem from the previous owner (didn't have anything PIAA..wtf?!)
Clear windshield squirters (I have had them for 2 years now, I dunno where I put the stock ones but they don't light up anymore because I got 2 fix-it tickets)
I've got a couple of DOHC VTEC stickers on the rear doors, and I HAD an ATR badge on the back of my car at one point, which came off shortly after I put it on, cuz it was *slightly* ghey.
my whole fucking car is ricey... shit! its a fuckin HONDA!

umm, well anyway, i dont have any true riceryest shit on my car YET. Ive got 4" wheel gap and a huge pipe in my basement waiting to be put on (4" tip).

oh, and ive got a hole in my dash from where my fog light swich was.

*edit*- oops! forgot about my skunk2 shift nob :worthy:
white vinyl interior that is being changed to black.

spoon resevoir covers. just because i think they look cool.