Rice ??????

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what exactly do people mean when they say rice ? What is the name for a fast car and what is the name for a good looking car ? I'm new and confused.
To me, rice is all show, no go (altezzas, 540' wing, cheap interior shit, indiglo ANYTHING) I also consider it "the easy way out" 50.00 intake, 25.00 dollar tip, 200.00 paint job with flames going down the side, you get the picture.
RICE is basicly spending 10g's on PERFORMANCE altezza's, PERFORMANCE paint, Huge wheels, crap brands that try to look like good shit (AKA the shitty Honda Emblems that i bought that looked cool until i washed my car and then they filled up with water and fogged up) Things that you do to your car because it is the trendy thing to do (aka emitating everything in the fast n Ferious ie. spoilers, 18's neons shit like that) or buying the cheap kind of stuff that you know you will see no performance benefits what so ever but will make you look "cool" (aka reactive, obx stuff like that) or buying anything out of the EXTREME STREET RACER YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! isle at pep boys
Originally posted by Afipunk21@Dec 23 2002, 11:25 PM
To me, rice is all show, no go (altezzas, 540' wing, cheap interior shit, indiglo ANYTHING) I also consider it "the easy way out" 50.00 intake, 25.00 dollar tip, 200.00 paint job with flames going down the side, you get the picture.

Damn i wrote too much (got into it too much) and i missed like 3 post
can somebody post a pic of a good looking car (''the shit"). I see nice cars all the time but you guys describe them as rice cars. I'm just new so don't get mad at me. I'm trying to learn here. Can you make a car the shit and still look good ?


just so you know.. that a b18c5 (integra type r) motor.. this is a nice car.. and its not rice IMO
These cars are "the shit"

Pissedoffsol's sol

Pills_PMD's sol

Chet's Civic DX

Afipunk21's Civic

These are just a few of the many cars on this website that are the shit, except for the last one. The last one gets 0wn3d daily
i just jacked them from a site... thats how big they were..lol
Basicly i'll describe to you what a "the shit" car is. (i will use a 5th gen hb because i want one so bad) When you see it in a parking lot you notice that it is a little lower than OEM height, about a 2 inch drop. You see the wheels, they are nothing totally outragous, just a little diffrent then the heavy stock rims, they are 15's, look very suttle. The rest of the body is completly stock (if they had the OEM black plastic moldings, they either shaved them or they got them painted to match the cars color. In the back you see a aftermarket catback but it is nothing to big, just enough to lower back pressure but not eliminate it completely. You look under the hood, you see DOHC, you notice that this is a b16 head. You see that the thing has a header, intake (natural asperating) and a few other stickly performance tidbits. Other than that it looks totally plain. Next you see this person at the track with the exact same car, you see him run 12's in the quarter. You talk to the guy, he is running a ls block bored out to 2.0L, has new rods, highcompression forge pistons. For the head, it is totally redone (just on inside) with aggressive cams, strong springs and valves. He has a shit load of electroic stuff on it (hondata). Then when he drives off, it looks like a normal civic. That is a "the Shit" car
:werd: to pretty much everything said so far

there are different ways to hook up a car

all show no go -- usually has an ass load of money put into appearance items such as paint, interior, chrome, sound/video, sometimes suspension mods (air/hydro)

all go no show -- simple look nothing too flashy all empasis put on performance (if it happens to look good, then so be it.... function over form)

sleeper -- attempts are made to keep everything as stock (slow) looking as posible so no one thinks its fast... a car that is lowered with teins, has a gutted interior and is running on some 9lb rims, is NOT a sleeper.... a dx sedan, full interior, baby seat in the back, with an H22A on stock steelies with hubcaps and a custom exhaust that is no louder than stock and has a 2" tip on it IS a sleeper

JDM -- parts are gotten such as lights, trim pieces, lables, emblems, interior pieces, dash lights, etc... any performance parts/rims are JDM, to make it look as close to the japaneese version as possible

show and go (magazine cars) -- same focus is given to appearance as the all show cars but there is also great attention given to performance... often have built engines / turbo setups that look flashy as well as perform well (this is probly the most expensive route aside from the full out race car with $50k in engine work and $20k on suspension etc...)

rice -- usually done with low quality parts... done to follow trends for whatever is "cool" at the time.... false badging (sleepers sometimes try to look like a lower level car, ricers try to look like a higher level car, does not include JDM or wherever the car is from{germany, etc} badging), vynal, stickers of mods they dont have, fake stickers (stickers that dont even look like the actual sticker from the company, ie: "mugen" written out like that), anything done to "sound fast" or "look fast", LED's (wiper fluid nozles, valve stems, flashers, etc...) anything that says "***** Racing" or "powered by *****", excessive stickering (if you look like a fully sponsored race car and your not..... rice), anything APC makes, anything RActive makes, anything indiglow, painted interior pieces, single wiper "mod", painting things like wiper arms door handles emblems etc so they "stand out more".....

i dont feel like typing any more
it's not rice...you've got 1500 rims that arent even on the car...you got a B series waiting to get swapped in..I'd call that the shit.