Road Racing This Weekend!

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oh yes, i'm soooo excited, i'm finally doing my first HPDE day with NASA ( ) I am doing both saturday and sunday, i will be running at the thunderhill track ( ) which is a 3 mile road course. i got this nice new helmet also, sa2000 rating :D

i'll be sure to have friends take pics and may get a few videos too.
Originally posted by asmallsol@Feb 21 2003, 04:30 PM
I thought you had to have roll bars to road race?

only for convertables :) or, if you're in a really high class. the classes i'll be racing in, you do not need roll bars. check out nasa's site, i'll be in HPDE 1-3
I wonder if the Del sol would be considered a convertible? There is one about 3 hours away from me in july and 4 hours away in august (should have my swap by then). That would be so fun. So basicly it is kinda a liciencing thing? So it is 35 a year for nasa membership and then how much is per event?

Good luck and have fun!
u can run the dels without a cage/roll bar. its driving school not racing. if u want to get licensed u can at one of the events, just ask ahead of time to see if its possible that day. each event is roughly 175 a day. 2 day events a cheaper (150 a day x 2)
yes, i'll definately have fun! $35 a year for NASA membership, and like chris said, 175 a day, or 150 a day if you do both days. :) :) :) :)
Nice. The season is about to start in the Texas area... so I'll be buying a helmet soon.
my first track day is march 24th at Limerock in CT :) i cant wait ... nice to see theres some road course people in here :D
we started the swap on his car today :) pics and a whole write up to come- on turning an EH into an DC2 :)
pics of me :D

woooooo hoooooooooo!!!! let me start off saying i have a new addiction, i had soooo much fun! you really get to learn the limits of your car. I also went for a ride with my instructor, i let him drive my car with me in it. :) man, he scared the shit out of me, i didn't even know my car could handle so well! i can't wait till the next track day, i still have so much to learn. i highly suggest to anyone to try this out, i know you'll become just as hooked as i now am. I was supposed to be going tomorrow also, but from the track day, with my driving, and my instructors driving, my front wilwood pads are toast! wore down completely down to the metal plates. those wilwood pads suck ass for the track, i need to get a better compound for the track, and use the crap wilwood ones for the street... grrr... oh well, i get a credit for the day, to use next time :)
sweet- but whats up with the duct tape on the lights????

and man- your car would have looked good with volks on it :p

Ha ha

Look at either kevlar or ceramic pads. What kinda came on the wilwoods?
Originally posted by paragus+Feb 23 2003, 09:21 AM-->
@Feb 23 2003, 02:19 AM
sweet- but whats up with the duct tape on the lights????

its incase they break, they dont shatter all over the track

:werd: exactly why

the pads that i had on the wilwoods were their new polymatrix pads, but i'm not sure which compound
looks like i should get the A compound for the track and whatever i had for street.

EDIT: i found the compund, they were D, which, if you look on page 9 of that pdf i linked, they suck ass, lol
Originally posted by lsvtec@Feb 23 2003, 11:45 AM
One word, Hawk.
I love em.

yes, people at the track recommended hawk as well, where can i find a good price on them? i hear they are pricey :)
They are kinda pricey, but worth it IMO. I got mine at Pegasus Racing. ( The price wasn't bad, with enough looking I am sure you could do better, but they have always been good to me. And you could certainly do worse on the price.
for the track ... hawk blues, i live by them...literally. but dont drive them on the street, u wont stop at all when they are cold. if u need a decent price let me know mike... and glad u had a good time out there, i am jealous
thats sweet.... glad to hear you had a good time
gotta get my swap finished
damn i cant wait for march 24th :D