Selling the Sol

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ok this is IFF
(If an ONLY If) a deal I am working on for a '92 240SX comes through. I'm awaiting an email from the guy, and then I need to go check it out. SO nothing is really for sale YET- but it looks this way.

#1- I'm a smoker- the car smells like smoke to some people- whatever- i don't notice it. nto too many people do- nothing a good shampoo wont clear out.

-->> PARTS only, not pieces of the car, etc.

ok, it is a 94 del sol si captiva blue perl. with about 160k on it. I don't remember my vin off hand- i will look later if this goes further. I ran it when i bought it at 89k through car fax, and there was no reports on it. It was never in an accident, but the hood is full of tiny dents from acorns, some dude in a truck backed into my rear 1/4 panel, and there is a baseball side dent in it- barely noticeable though, but it is starting to rust there.

pic of car


-->>tons more available on request.<<--
people on here who can vouch for it-

-Volk te 37 white 16x7 wheels (11.2 lbs baby!)
--yoko parada spec 2's up front nearly brand new
--pirelli p-zeros in the rear, about 50%
-ractive coilovers
-koni yellows
-skunk2 rear upper (in the mail- will be brand new)
-USDM ITR front upper
-DC sports rear lower tie
-OEM sways
-'neused' del sol seats gray with gray stripe one tiny hole
-sol floor mats in decent shape... little dity
-sony head unti cdx 80 something... mobile es, 50x4, 3 4-volt sets pre outs 7 EQ's, programmable, DSO, independant chanel volumes, crossovers,
-sony 75x4 amp
-fosgate punch power DVC 10" sub in custom box in spare tire well
-infinity kappa 6/12's
-Sony 10 disc MP3/CDR/CD changer
-carbon fiber wipers (LOL)
-Stillen 4-1 header
-'neused' tranny
-NGK blues wires/NGK plugs
-Ractive intake
-B&M short shifter
-Skunk2 shift knob which DOESNT fit the B&M- will sell separetly probably
-VTEC Dash- will go separetly (Eric has dibs) and therefore mileage on stock sol si dash will not be accurate... correct documented in my book, along with all my maintence
-old leather wrapped sol seats- uncomfortable as sin, dont hold you like a sol seat- will let go cheap- with rails

-thermostat.. it doesnt warm up lol
-front brakes cut/padded... starting to jitter
-Antenna - some nube stole /ripped mine off
speaker grilles up front (clips) FUCK YOU KENT FOR RIPPING ME OFF ON THESE
anyway thats really all it needs... the exhaust has a rattle somewhere... not sure... annoying, not unfunctional.

LS swap stuff
COMPLETE LS 94 swap tranny ecu axles manifolds etc with about 80k on it. COMPLETLY torn down to bare block and head is apart. I WILL NOT BUILD IT BACK TOGETHER. It is torn down, cuz it was supposed to go to the machine shop-- full turbo build... and thats what the parts below are for - turbo build up. needs new bearings and a few belts/water pump still..
It has papers, and a vin- i will find the paper work later....
spare LS head with new looking valves, no cams in this one -- great to send one out to get ported while you drive
-endyn turbo spec 9.2:1 pistons
-skunk2 intake mani
-LS ex manifold
-eagle rods
-arp head studs
-nuformz block guard
-skunk2 cam gearz
-UR underdrive SS pulleys
-complete top end gasket kit from acura new in bag
-oil pan gaket new in bag
-ITR retainers=--- i have them somewhere- might have lost them :(

ummmmmmmm I think thats all...

accepting offers at anytime- but NO SALE is final until my 240 thing goes through....
so first come first serve (or money talks :) ) for when these parts, car, etc are officially on sale.

post here,
or aim me: pissedoffsol

If you don't trust me-- uhh- this is MY site. lol i think 90% of the members here will vouch for me.

I am located in CT and WILL ABSOLOUTELY NOT ship the car.
other things- will at buyers expense.

EDIT: Also have 8 14" steel wheels for winter with random tires... and 2 other 14" tires.
if volks sell, you will get the steelies :)
no way mang... selling the sol, motor, etc- should leave me with 4k to play with... easy
I hope you'll get at least that! Good luck Brian. Now let me hook you up with my old roommate- the only guy who's beaten me on the street, and proud owner of an SR20DET.
about how much for the header, is it in good shape? hit me back soon!
if you do sell it, where going to have to change this site to import swap. Have sections for nissans, toyotas, and of corse, hondas
that car can be tight! hope it works out
SWEET!! i got dibs on the motor, y0
yeah that 240 is badass, good friend of mine swapped in a sr20det in one identical to that. Easy swap, he ran a 13.55, all he did was turn the boost up to 12 psi.

anyway whats the bottom line for all the shit you got on the motor, and the swap?

and if you had all the stock parts for the b18b, would you sell a basically stock ls swap?
Originally posted by asmallsol@Oct 30 2002, 03:06 PM
if you do sell it, where going to have to change this site to import swap. Have sections for nissans, toyotas, and of corse, hondas

no i think it should still be hondaswap, only have a section devoted to non-hondas :)

changing the name and shit would be a pain in the ass

not to mention 90% of the people here still drive hondas
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 31 2002, 11:03 AM
someone already did....


Um no, I don't think anyone did.