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Originally posted by SolReaver@Mar 22 2004, 10:23 AM
the cost of all the aftermarket parts and I have spent over $70,000 total.


70k dumped into it, and what do you end up with? a 9 year old integra

id give him 10k for it

I don't see $70,000 worth of mods in his list anyway. What about 10,000 on performance and 15,000 in the body, another 10,000 in the interior and 5000 in hte suspension, being very generous.


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Originally posted by civicious@Mar 22 2004, 08:11 AM
why is there a tach under the hood?

I bet he's one of those guys that thinks he looks cool by revving his motor from under the hood, and he dosen't want to over-rev it :D


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Originally posted by DarkHand@Mar 22 2004, 09:47 AM
I bet he's one of those guys that thinks he looks cool by revving his motor from under the hood

hahaha theres one in every crowd :lol:


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I like it, but in no way is it worth 25K. Maybe 15K Which is what Id pay for it, if I had hte cash. the JDM ITR front conversion is a real nice touch. Minus stickers of course.


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pretty much the only thing I like about this car is the tach under the hood, and the JDM front end. other than that, its ok, i wouldnt buy it, but i might steal some of his ideas. lol...
25000 yea right..."this car has never been beat on" right... ok youve run at the track, obviosly thats beating on your car, and you dont just put a turbo on for the noise and the looks, you do it for performance, you beat on it. Any body that puts any aftermarket stuff on their engine has beat on it before. just some more than others. I wouldnt be able to sell my car...I beat the hell out of it day in and day out.


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i don't understand why these guys bother wasting money on a turbo kit for a show car? save your money and buy a bigger wing scottie, leave us the good snails


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that conversion is the biggest waste of money much like the 5 lug conversion.......

shit.....3k for a front end....

1k for another lug on each rim.........

fuck that.
Damn, I would have thought that almost everybody liked that car. I like it a lot. Got a tight front end conversion, GSR motor, TURBO!!! It has everything. I like it a lot and I give that guy props for making a tight car. :thumbsup:


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damn, its a really nice car...but cmon, its a used ways is he gonna get 30k for that...kinda looks like my friends type-r...same front and sides, just different rear...


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Yeah, i seen that shit the other day. Im looking to buy a GS-R now. But any ways i think its pretty pimp and i really the color alot along with the way the rims look agains it. And i think the kit hes got on it loks clean along woth the front end. Though i would never bring my self to spend that much for that car.