Skunk Cams

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I'm looking at a set of Skunk cams stage 3. I know that they need a mean set up, but what is the least that you can do to make these perform? Any help would be great.

those are some pretty aggressive cams, they will munch on your valvetrain for dinner... hehe, get all skunk2 springs/retainers and a set of cam gears to tune them, maybe a hondata?
If this is a street car, don't get them. They are for race engines only that don't see a lot of mileage. They put extreme stress on the stock rocker assembly, and over mileage will cause them to go bad. Stick with the stage 2's.
i agree- they aren't to streetable.

stage 2's offer a pretty good gain... and are streetable.
K, what about Crane Cams or Comp. Cams any good? If anyone is running them let me know and also what stage should I get in either? I have the type R cams in a B16 and to me they made a difference, but need more...
if you want to buy the skunk2 stage 2 cams, Talk with jason at (i get you so much bussiness and i have never even ordered stuff from you)
Crower, Skunk2 stage 2 (copy of jun 3's), Toda. I hope you're getting at least springs and retainers as well.
For sure, I'm getting springs, retainers, valves, a valve job (5 degrees), porting the head and a set of oversized Type R pistons. Should be a pretty sweet setup, just stuck on what fucking cams to buy and what brand (stage and company). The Type R cams just don't seem like enough, but maybe who knows.
i'm happy with my CTR's, and i've heard nothing but great things about the skunk2 stage2's, i think for their price, they are the best way to go.
5 degree?? or 5 angle?
BIG difference y0

i still say skunk2 stage 2's over anythign listed thus far
Hey also it's off the cam subject, but I've heard that the Type R pistons will go directly into the B16a First Gen. and then I've also heard you have to have the rods shimmed? I thought it's a direct fit as long as I use the stock B16 pins?