so....after 53 days we got sick of the Forester

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I made the millionth post
we bought it as a dog hauler/transport for the wife to and from work

she hates it, and I wasn't real excited about it (its an 04 turbo, and an automatic)

we still have the Excursion for those *real* crappy snow days, and its got more than enough room if we have to bring all the dogs someplace, *AND* we dont currently have/nor do we want kids, so we figured another impractical car was in order (to sit next to my Z all winter long in the garage)

we ended up with this (not the exact car, but its the same color, same trim, ect...ours gets delivered tomorrow):

2008 BMW 135i
306hp/294tq twin-turbo inline 6
Sports package
Premium package
Sapphire black on red coral boston leather
Shadowline trim (black chrome around windshield, windows, and the exhaust tips are black chrome)


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sick, you wont regret it..... They are seriously bad ass....

If i was going to buy a new car to replace the e36m with it would be that.

One of my clients; VAC Motorsports, has a shop car and they developed a software reflash for it (on their website im sure) and with no other mods 4th gear felt like 2nd. Its not an overgrown turd like most new sports cars and looks sweet to boot

post some pics after delivery!!! :thumbsup:

edit, this is what i was talking about....VAC Motorsports Shopping Cart

I cant wait until he throws on the fmic,exhaust, etc and gives it a retune:D
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Following BMW nomenclature, what makes this a "1" series ?


I made the millionth post
its much smaller than a 3 series....

08 Civic Si coupe:
wheelbase: 104.3"
overall length: 174.8"
track (f)/(r): 59/60.1

08 BMW 135i:
wheelbase: 104.7"
overall length: 172.2"
track (f)/(r): 57.9/58.9


I'm just about that action Boss.
I love it. So sick.


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The 135 rides like a euro Civic type R. The 128 rides like the euro Civic type S.

It even handles like a Civic, with the exception of being RWD. It handles just the way a RWD civic would. They're fun to drive. My mom drove one for about a week, and she liked it. I don't see what is so cool about them, it's just another market for BMW to try to capture.

Although, if the wife likes it, let her drive it. Heh.

Did you get a chance to drive the 135xi? That is one cool car. Right up there on my list under the Audi S3.


i would have bought one.... but it doesn't have a real limited slip. Deal breaker for me.
otherwise, i love everything about the 1's. The wife probably won't ever notice the difference :)

good buy, and welcome to the club :)


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damn money makers.....:lol:

nice ride.. one of my favorite body styles even though i will prolly never own one.


I made the millionth post
thank you all...its home, but its dark out

I'll get some pics this weekend