So last nite I got drunk & egged Dunn & Don Vito..

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ok, so the 'Dunn & Don Vito's Rock Tour' thing was in Lufkin last nite, at the Electric Cowboy of all places...I thought about going, but to get in and get an autograph was $5 and to stick around for the bands (Open Hand and 2 others I'd never heard of) was $20, and fuck paying 20 bucks to see bands I've never heard of, and might suck (I mean shit, they're playing at a place called the Electric Cowboy).

Anyways, I decided to get drunk instead. We were shotgunning cans of Keystone, and we ran out of cans and only had bottles of Bud Lite. We're tryin to drink as much beer as we can in as little time as possible, so we get the great idea to put drinking straws in the bottles (to let air in or whatever) and turn the bottle up, and shotgun them. It works, and we finish off 30ish bottles in about 15 minutes (Between 3 of us). About that time, one of the guys remembers that he saw 2 bigass tour buses parked at the Day's Inn. We figure, shit, there can't be TOO many tour buses in fucking LUFKIN at once, and it's gotta be Dunn & Vito.

About 200 feet from the Day's Inn is a Wal Mart, which has 18 eggs for 98 cents. So there we are, two drunkass guys walking through wal-mart at 5am loaded with eggs. We make it back to the truck, and I get in the back with the eggs. In the parking lot, there's a regular van with a trailer, a green tour bus (the one Dunn was on), and a silver tour bus. We decide to hit the van on the windshield and the side, the trailer a few times, unload the majority of the eggs on Dunn's bus, and then whatever's left throw at the silver one (which we assume Don Vito is on...but we don't really give a fuck about him.).

I'm drunk as shit, and it takes me 3 or 4 eggs to hit the windshield of the van, even though I'm about four feet away. We finish egging the van, and move to the bus. I get about 3 or 4 eggs off at the bus before Dunn and the roadie dude from earlier run out of it screaming 'What the FUCK are you doing?!?!' and chasing after us. I tossed a few eggs their way, but I'm pretty sure I didn't hit either one of them. Kevin is still driving a whole 2 miles per hour, screaming 'Throw all the eggs! We aren't leaving until we're out of eggs!', so I'm sitting in the back of a pickup truck with a fuckload of eggs left, trying to throw 3 and 4 at a time. I toss the last few back at Dunn and the roadie, and then dive through the truck's beer window and Kevin punches it. We hauled ass to a friend of his's house out in the middle of fuckin' nowhere and crashed there the rest of the nite.

So yeah. I egged Ryan Dunn and Don Vito's tour buss. w00t!
Jesus christ. That's will, always figuring out a way to make the most out of a boring night and a shitload of beer.
lol if you want to come get the rest of em come up to my house and we'll drive 15 min and egg the rest of the crew lol

they were up at my ski resort ( literlaly 5 min from my house) the one episode.... i worked on the tube park they were on backin the day till i got fired lol\

good kill :lol:
haha thats awesome to bad the viva la bam wasn't there huh? could see you on MTV most viewers would of thought it was bam or someone LOL tahts cool though to bad you didnt hit dunn though


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dude, you're lucky you didn't get cought... imagine the repricussions from those guys? OMG!
great story will........but why keystone beer?????cheap ass....

....naty ice is teh shit
well Bam wont be fucking with you anytime soon...His mom always comes on the morning show i listen to and was talking about .....

He was over at evil jared's house (bloodhound gang) for a shooting of cribs when he did a backflip off a car inot what he thought was a deep pond or something and fucked his head up ... like a bunch of staples and shit

so you'll prolly see it on cribs some time lol