Steering Rack

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Senior Member
I have a 88 hatcback, I had to adjust the steering rack. It was rattlling pretty bad when I go over hard spots on the road. I broke one of the 14mm bolts under the rack were it mounts up on the chassie itself. please give me some suggestions to removing the broken bolt. Maybe somone has worked on a steering rack before and knows how to remove that bolt if its broken. It is drivable still sorta, The steering on the car is pretty messed up cause its loose right now. I just need to remove it so I can replace the bolts and tighten it up so its not shaking around when Iam driving.
If there is enough of the bolt sticking out to grab it with vice grips try that first is not or if you just can't move it that way get a set of easy outs.
I got this tap and die set. It was like 60.00 its craftmen. I dont know how or why I break so many bolts. Maybe its just cause these haven't been taken off since the car was made I dont know. Any suggestions or tips or something to prevent it. Iam sure this has been answerd before alot. I was using the jack bar for a breaker bar and was very careful not to break it. :huh: