Supercharged B18c

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Ok, i was wondering something,I was looking on the crowler webpage not to long ago and saw that you can get a kit that can strock out a gsr motor,i liked the thought but can it work with a supercharger,if you sleve the engine?
they ahve nothing to do with each other.

a stroker kit is all inside.
a SC replaces the intake manifold most the time
well i know that the stroker kit has to deal with that pistons and rods and crank but what i meant was will it hurt since it will be pushing more boost in the sleeves since the stroker kit might make them thiner or would i just need to get a set a good stronger sleeves and that will slove the whole prob.
IMO, stroker kits are a waste of money.

i'd just do the SC and be happy with it :)