Supercharged Gsr

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Just got my Gsr motor and Jackson Racing supercharger...Has anyone here done this before in a 5G civic? If so, are there any pointers, or things that I should look for when putting this thing together?

I am running stock internals, stock injectors, AEM fuel rail and regulator, Holley 190 fuel pump, Jacobs I.C.E pak ignition, and apexi VAFC, any info on installion problems with any of these items would be appreciated.




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i have never put a gsr motor in a civic but i don know that the belt will frey alot and it might even break, i had to change my buddys belt because it was the wrong size, just a warning get the right size belt and keep it tight. check it every couple of days


the intake manifold bracket is a BIOTCH to take off unless you have hands the size of a 3yr old asian chick :)
also, id consider going to a 310 injector


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I had the same setup with 370cc's, a walboro 317, and a slew of feul and ignition add-ons. I could never get it under a 13.8, to save my life. I also had the 8lb pulley, and a CRV pulley, for a total boost of 10-11 lbs. IMO, and I am not trying to bash, sell the blower and kit on E-bay, and go with a drag III used. The cost is the same, and the drag will have lag(I know, but wait), my buddy, with the exact setup, only with the drag kit, does a high 12, and wiped my ass continuously. I ended up selling the GRS/JRSC to a guy in Louisiana for 13K, and I now have a EF with a B16, and am within .5 sec of the GSR's ET. For some reason(I think heat soak) turbo's continuously put out more HP than JRSC's with the same boost. My friends is set with a 8LB spring in the wastegate. I am just giving you my opinion, I know it's not a good one, but I am being honest, and I want people to get the best bang for the buck. Good luck! (the guy I sold it to had it dyno'ed at a whopping 210 HP, and my friends @ 8 lbs, dyno's at 240HP) (Also my car was a 92 Si hatch, my friends a 94EX coupe)


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a td03, but the power that the turbo comes on and stays on compared to a SC is different. The more boost the engine recieves, the more it keeps the turbo spooled, but the more boost a Sc engine recieves, the more rpm's it encounters, and the SC maxes out at whatever pressure it can, then it just creates heat from spinning too fast, and this infects the intake, and causes a loss of good combustions. You can add water injection to band-aid the effect, but it really makes a loss of power in the upper RMP band.