supercharging a CX with D15Z1 swap

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Before I start, yes, I know that turbos are better, especially for high-end performance. I'm more interested in making sure the engine is boosted - and stays boosted - in the low-end, basically from 1k-2500 rpm. The gears on the CX/VX tranny are pretty tall so it would be very easy to stay in that range while motoring around town or what have you.

I understand that Jackson Racing used to make scs for D-series engines. Is that the best sc to get for a D15Z1, or can an Eaton 3-lobe or 4-lobe be adapted? Some of the efficiency curves I've seen for the 4-lobe TVS are pretty amazing for a sc, though at the same time, I have to think that a TVS would be pretty expensive (and the 3-lobers aren't bad at all, really . . . not at the 50% efficiency range where scs are often considered to sit). I'd also be pretty open to a Lysholm Screw-style sc, but those are pretty rare and are, apparently, insanely expensive.

And, in the end, I only really want around 5-6 psi of boost anyway. Of course, CFM is more important than that number, so take my expectations for what they're worth.

Alternatively, if there was a way to get a turbo to make around 4 psi of boost at 1500 rpm on a D15Z1, then I could probably ignore scs altogether and go that route.


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Refer to my other post about turbos. SC's will boost for a broader range, but turbos work just fine for a narrower band(especially with the Z1's lower revs); and there are turbos small enough that'll work for your given range.

JR makes the only bolt-in kit, but others can be adapted as long as you have them spinning the correct direction(CCW crankshaft rotation, may need something similar to the Vortech kits). I believe ENDYN had a kit too but utilizes JR SCs.


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As a matter of fact, you did answer my inquiry fairly well in my other post. I will do more research on the T15, and look around for similar options.


i think 1500 is a bit low to expect any power from any turbo. There's just not enough load vs exhaust gas at that speed.
2500 is far more reasonable, and other than first gear, you likely won't ever be below this anyway, even on the highway in 5th.

look into a tdo4h-13t. they are pretty common, tiny, and have a good efficiecy range at lower boost evels


what about with an msd ing? and maybe a hondata s300. then you build boost whether you are movu=ing or not. sorry if this sounds wrong. but you get what i am saying right?


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I actually have a TD04H-13G that I was going to use on my wife's Civic (not anymore). I was expecting boost pretty much from 2k to 6k and about 180-200whp, plus loads of instant-on torque.