Suspension Setup For 95 Civic Coupe

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Alright, this summer has come the time that my ol' civic's suspension is going to get it's much needed attention. At the moment, I can't afford a really nice suspension kit, so i'm trying to formulate another plan. Im looking to spend about 400 bone on lowering, + front and rear braces, + , if there is money, some antiroll equip. But as far as priority goes, it goes something like coilovers (or the like) first, then braces, then antiroll. Any suggestions on what exactly I should buy? Brands? springs or coilovers? if 400 would make for too much of a ghetto setup, then just lowering is fine for now, ill worry about the rest later. btw, she is only going down about 1.5-2 in.


Eibach springs will run you about $225,so go with those.There are a few choices in the drop.
Then buy some decent struts. NOPI sells the KYB GR-2's and AGX the lowest I've seen online. Or ask ALLJDM, he'll get you what you want for an awesome price.
Both.. also look into the Tein springs. I'll be putting some on my Civic.