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I don't know if some one could help me out to chose the best lowering rate .
I have a honda civic 1992 4door VTi how low should I lower mi civic 1.75" or 2" or 2.5"
my rex is dropped 1.75 front and 1.5 in the rear, and its like the lowest i can go without scraping speed bumps and driveways (although i scrape if i dont take the steep ones on a diagonal). i found that when my tire pressures get just 2psi too low, i start scraping alot more often.

actualy, it really comes down to which springs you are going to get. each will have their own preset height, unless you get adjustable shocks or coilovers. i think most springs lower around 1.5 on average. if you want my opinion, i would get eibachs. they are used on more race cars than any other brand (or so their ad claims), plus, coilsprings are the only thing they specialize in. alot of peeps consider them to be the best.
My suspension setup (when I get the money for some Koni Yellows) is going to be H&R Race Springs and Koni Yellow Shocks. I have heard nothing but good things about this setup.
I'm putting a neuspeed race spring/kyb agx set up on my del sol tomorrow. I think its a 2.5" drop, but hopefully the agx's will level some of that out. Its only going to be used as a weekend street car, so I guess it doesn't matter really anyways.

When you guys put your springs on, did you have to use a spring compressor? or is there any way I can do it in my garage. I've got a limited availability of would it be better to just have a shop put the spring on the shock? and then I'd install it back on the car?

thanks...I can't wait for to take it out for a spin with the new suspension :D
EG9TITEC- since you said you have a vti civic, i am guessing you are from Europe? How r the roads there, what about winters? You should consider this before you slam your civic
Originally posted by lsvtec@Oct 18 2002, 12:39 PM
You are correcting camber with that serious of a drop right?

Yeah...the thought crossed my mind...back to the old camber debate that seems to get tossed around here every so often.

I'm planning on getting a kit for camber adjustment one of these days, just not soon. The sol doesn't see any winter time driving, so hopefully I'll be able to bank til about April or so, or until I can pay off some fawkin credit cards and buy more stuff :p

I've heard so much jack about "those kits suck..." blah blah blah...I'm planning on getting an Ingalls, if anybody cares to give some insight...
camber kits are gay :)


here we go again... i can see it. 4 pages of arguing over my -45 degree camber

seriously though

I'm dropped close to 4" maybe more maybe less... i don't really know.
I scrape in drive throughs that are platformed, and SOME (very few) big speed bumps. thats it. i've never been 'plateaued' and i like my camber. car turns like its on rails... if only my suspension would hold me
but that will be addressed after the motor goes in.

Tein ha's or n1's-- haven't decided yet.
Camber kits are for poor bastards like me that can't afford to buy tires every 3 months. Seriously, I am lowered like 2" and without a camber kit I go through tires every other month. Even if I rotate them with every oil change.
my tires only cost about $46 a piece and they last like 20,000 miles! :p of course, i can only manage about .6 on the skidpad (im guessing).
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 18 2002, 03:41 PM
Tein ha's or n1's-- haven't decided yet.

wow that is a big difference between suspensions :p
don't waste your money on a camber kit...lower your car 2 inches and you'll be fine.

if you drop your car 3,4 inches you'll ruin tires and hit things.

remember, there are always compromises...and for daily driving..etc...2 inches is probably the best.
Originally posted by lsvtec@Oct 18 2002, 03:29 PM
Seriously, I am lowered like 2" and without a camber kit I go through tires every other month. Even if I rotate them with every oil change.
I needed a camber kit with a 2" drop. I guess the best bet is lower the car first and then see if you need to correct the camber.
hahah ya better make really sure u wanna go all out if u want to get N1's. and 240 with rb25det why not just go all out with the rb26dett or same dilemna as with the teins :D i personally like ae86 with f20c, gotta keep that honda reliability