Swap B18c5 in Honda civic 96

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I was reading about the swap in "SWAP"
And I found out that if u swaping B-series engine in Honda Civic 96 u will have to buy an AC from Del Sol is that true...
And if anybody know how much will the whole swap cost not including the Engine?

And how much does it cost to swap the engine in Honda Garage (I mean how much the work cost?)

And one thing more. I was looking throgh the Civics 2000 and started to like control panel (Were Stereo ,AC,and some other switches loceted.)
The question is can I swap control panel from Civic 2000 to Civic 1996?
well a type r will cost you from 3500-5500. Because you have a 96, you have to get the ac brakets out of a 99-00 si.

Places normally charge about 600 but if you do it your self, that is money for cold air intake and exhaust. Dont know about the control panel (not to sure about what you r talking about)