Swap in my 88' civic dx

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Ok I just got an 88' civic dx n i wanna know what engine would be the best to swap into my beast :lol: haha!!
first how much power do you want for it? what are you going to use this car for? daily driver ? how much money do you have to send ??
A B16A 1st gen with a Revhard turbo kit oughta get you there (250bhp). Or, forget the turbo and get NOS if you want a few bucks left over. I'm installing my B16a next week, see:


Where are you located? I got a great deal on mine, maybe I can refer you to the shop.
Go b18b (2,000 to 3,000)with a turbo(2,500 to 3,000) 500 left for other stuff , better setup than b16a turbo, and stay away from Nitrous i had it on my car an it is really addicting and the bottle fills will cost you more in the end than buying a turbo kit right now.
My buddy has a 89 dx hatch with a stripped interior and a zc with a couple mods. Walks pretty much everything around here. He ran a 14.6 on borrowed drag radials at the strip. Car only weighs about 1500-1700 lbs but still street legal and a daily driver. Want pictures just ask me.
ZC = not having to spend money on mounts!But it also means spending extra to make up the power difference,if that is you intention.