swap question

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92 civic si d15b
will a b16a1 drop right into a del sol???

cuz the VTEC model came with an b16a2 and i was told the mounts are the same for the d16z6 and the b16a2. for the del sol anyway.
the mounts are different between a d series and a b series. if you get the b series mounts out of a del sol that would be perfect.
my engine got hydro locked so im trying to find an engine that i can put in now.

but i got an f22 does anyone know about how hard that swap would be??
we have the entire car so i have the ecu and everything but about how hard would it be???
alright the one thing im afraid of is the f22 has a mount in the front of the engine that attaches to the frame and the del sol doesnt have the frame...

and will an H22 vtec head fit on the f22a1 block???? or should i go with the f22b (the vtec dohc head) i think thats what it is.
it is acctually the f20b engine it comes in jpec accords would that work????