switching a d15b7 to obd0

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Hi folks,

My d15b2 in my 1991 civic lx daily driver is on its way out.
I bought a d15b7 to put in the car.
I have been researching this swap all week and have a few questions. I know that the engine is an OBD1 engine and the car is an OBD0 car.
There appear to be two options here.
1) Buy and OBD1 ecu, a conversion harness, and do the swap. 2) switch the engine(b7) over to OBD0 and swap it .
I have decided to go with option 2 since performance is not an issue here and i want to get out of this swap as cheaply as possible.
I tried to find what this all involved but i can not seem to find a definitive answer on what to do.
I have seen some posts talking about getting an si distributor but i think this is just for switching the car to OBD1, am i right or do i need to get a new distributor?
Do i just need to take all the sensors off of the B2 and put them on the B7?
Are there any other parts i need to transfer over?

If you guys can help me out i would really appreciate it.
You will have to do more work converting back. What you need, Si dizzy, convert to MPFI. If you go OBDI you can pick up a plug and play harness then you would just need the ECU for the B7.
Thanks for the reply,
I was going to switch the b7 over to dpfi but if i can find an ecu cheap i might just go that route.
Is there a specific reason you need a si distributor to do this swap?
Well if you put the B2 mani on the B7 then you would use the B2 dizzy. I wasnt sure what your intentions were, you could take the DPFI mani put it on the B7 use the B2 dizzy and ECU no problem.