Teg Ecu's, Is There A Difference?

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ok, i have finally got my b18a and i was told i could use my stock crx si ecu. but i was also told that its controlled to where you cant rev over 7000. while if i use the stock teg ecu it is capable of 7500. first should i use the rex ecu and maybe chip it? or should i go with the stock teg ecu? if i go with the stock teg ecu is there a difference in the years 90-93?

ok i have to use the obdo ecu because my car is obdo, right? and what about my engine? its out of a 92 teg... and thats supposed to be obd1

clarify exaclty what obd(0,1,2) is
your motor is an obd1... all i know about obds is that there smog stuff( im real smart ) i think you need to get an obd 1 euc and wire it up to work. i know there are people here that know how to do that and give more help