tein question

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ok, so i know the pillow ball mounts are optional for the tein setup, but i hear the next best thing would be ITR components. which parts would i need from an ITR for the tein ss's, and which parts can i keep from my 96 dx?
I would use the TEIN pillow ball mounts, I have no problems or complaints with mine. i'd look into the RA kit. the SS kit is very good quality however it is very similar to a skunk2, KYB AGX combo. the RA kit is similar to the HA kit that I have which might not be offered anymore, I don't see it on the TEIN website.
actually, the SS is the replacement for the HA, they are the same thing without the helper spring
u dont want to run itr suspension in an ek, geometry is not right in the rear. and itr SS is not any better than ek ss. they are the same. RAs are pretty rough, alot stiffer than ha, i dont know if u wanna run those on the street, but that all depends on ur threshold for bouncing :p
ya, i definatley want the ss's, i suppose i should get the upper pillow ball mounts then?
the upper pillows will give u some added stiffness. they are a good investment i think. stock ITR or CTR upper caps are another alternative, alot stiffer than stock (not as stiff as a solid mount) and a lot cheaper than aftermarket mounts. hope that helps
wtf are pillow ball mounts ??
they are metal mounts ... instead of the stock rubber ones ... on some cars they allow small camber adjustment but not on our hondas :( ... but they do offer a much stiffer mounting location for tighter handling and more road feel