The 50 Worst Cars of All Time

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Lame. They called the model T shit because it started the automotive boom, which is responsible for polluted air and apparently the war in the middle east. Then knocked it for having blacksmith-made body panels. They go on to slam the explorer, not because it liked to roll, but because it started the SUV craze. (umm, yeah, I guess jeep had nothing to do with it)
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yeah.. i thought whoever wrote that was a little harsh..
he said that the 1985 Mosler Consulier GTP was a bad car because of the way it looked.. i didnt even think it looked that bad, its a fucking grand prix car anyway.
its suppose to look like that.
and from what it said about it, it was a great car except for the look.
that list = garbage
i agree.
some of them i agree on, but for the most part.. yeah.
i thought itd just be interesting reading.

Anyways list sucked no mention of how fords used to catch fire. no mention on anything relevant. So what if the delorean is strange almost everyone loves it....i think. i want one.
yeah, when the explorer came up, i thought for sure it was because of that fatty recall.
such dumb reasons.
thats stupid. i would mob in all of those cars if i had the chance lol